Looking for tools to Unlock Youth’s Potential and allow them to make better choices?

Our strategy

Help each young adult change the habitual behaviors that become impediments to their success in life


Because risks appear at every life transition, our prevention is to promote programs and coaching that strengthen protective factors at each stage of development.

Highest risk periods for problematic behavior among youth

Early adolescence

The transition from elementary school to middle school causes kids to experience new and oftentimes stressful situations. Academic and social pressures at this stage—early adolescence— make kids more prone to develop problematic behaviors

High school

Rising social, emotional, and educational challenges in high school increase the risks of teens to be exposed to violence, substances such as alcohol and tobacco products.


As teens leave home to go to college their risk for misbehavior and  substance abuse increases significantly. Intervening at this stage can help steer young adults away from problem behaviors.

Problem behaviors

Repetitive misbehavior can lead to addiction. Addiction causes a person to feel as if they cannot function without drugs. Once addicted, a teen’s desire to find and use drugs becomes uncontrollable, which can lead to disastrous consequences such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and even death.

Why Organizations and Families choose us

Prevent and Transform Youth’s Behavioral issues

Adolescence is often a turbulent time for both parents and adolescents. Delinquency, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy are only some of the hardships that your teen could face. These drawbacks have devastating consequences.

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Education for Global Citizen

Unlocking Youth’s potential.  Peace requires active engagement and commitments to reduce global inequalities. Instill values such as creativity, commitment to peace, and human dignity. These values and behaviors will turn young adults into responsible global citizens and all of peoople in the world.

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Decent Work and Economic Growth

Looking to get your dream job or to attend your dream school? We can help! There are no geographical limitations in today’s world, so don’t let anything hold you back. We can facilitate your local or international exposure. We can also help you find opportunities and relocate to the country of your dreams.

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