Our approach

Letting go and allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation can reap big benefits. Children will be better off in the long run if they’re allowed to be in the moment and express themselves.

Every child is unique. Whether you are a Parent, Teacher, School, Children’s Organization, Youth Rehabilitation center or Healthcare Personnel, you may have realized that today, there are many ways to jumpstart creative and positive thinking, develop independent thought, and innovation.

In reaction to increased pressure there is a growing movement built around mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and digital detox. One of our functions is to evaluate and implement promising extracurricular Programs to unlock youth’s potential and prevent/ reduce Adolescent Problem Behaviors.

Defining Values

We practice a holistic, learning partnership and developmental philosophy characterized by:

  • INTEGRITY – Developing moral and ethical leaders who practice the changes they want to see in others
  • ADVOCACY – Representing our Partners ‘programs and creating opportunities for positive change.
  • INCLUSIVITY – Creating a culture of respect that celebrates and embraces diversity.
  • CIVILITY – Acting courteous, kind and professional in our interactions across contexts with respect of our partners’ material property

Strategic Goals

Youth’s Prevention

Provide youth with experiential learning opportunities and competency skills that advance their personal and professional goals and support the academic mission of our education system. Fostering creativity will help our children develop socially, mentally and emotionally.

Youth’s misbehavior

Help young adults find their Life’s purpose and enhance goal setting, goal attainment, wellbeing and hope.

Youth’s development

Harness the possibilities of Africa’s youth for the transformation of the continent. Increasing appetite for creative and positive thinking, digital technologies for young and young adult can be used to harness the possibilities presented by Africa’s very young population to advance the African development agenda.

Youth’s Employment, Education & Training

Encourage youth to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by innovations and new technologies to transform the economies and improve the social welfare of the citizens.

Increase appetite for certification program to teach program for making a difference in your community while earning income.

how can we help you?
  • We focus on parent and family programs for unlocking youth potential
  • We invest in the next generation

Sharing makes room in us to receive more! With the SFK course on sharing Maeva aka Fifa realized that although it may seem like we get less when we share, we actually get more

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