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Adolescence is often a turbulent time for both parents and adolescents. Delinquency, substance abuse, and teenage pregnancy are only some of the hardships that your teen could face. These drawbacks can have devastating consequences for those involved.
Misbehavior does not mean bad kids. Addiction is not a failure!

Looking at the major issues of today we can conclude that academic education alone will not dissolve hatred, ignorance, oppressive individuals, institutions, and structures of power.
Peace requires active engagement and commitment to reduce global inequalities.


Learn how to launch your Career!
Career exploration, self-assessment, coaching to help you write your perfect college Essay and teach you how to ace
any job interview.
Part of finding youth’s purpose will contribute to something larger than themselves.

Youth can be self centered. We expose teenagers and young adults to a broader world and open the doors to international opportunities.
Relocation is not only about finding a program and a place to live. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously