Pascale SossahFounder & CEO

Areas of expertise
  • Youth conflict Resolution
  • Youth /Child Development
  • Advocate for change
  • Innovative and customized training
  • After school program implementation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Business transformation
  • BA, Business Administration and Economics, University of Lilles, France
  • PRINCE 2 – Foundation Examination Certificate
  • Everyday Parenting Certificate, Yale University

In 2018, Pascale realized that she enjoyed what she was doing  for one of the world’s largest technology distributors but really wanted to make a difference in the world by empowering Youth. 

She was raised in a family and community that empowered her, and helped elevate her consciousness. She spent most of her early childhood surrounded by her family in Cote d’Ivoire, but because it was the norm in the 1970’s for well off families to send their kids abroad to study, she moved to France at the age of 10. Without her parents, and with very little family in France, she quickly adapted and successfully transitioned to life in boarding school.

She found a natural calling in empowering Youth due to family history of struggles with distant step siblings that resulted from her father’s death before her 13th birthday along with a deep personal passion. 

Pascale quickly realized that academic education alone will not dissolve hatred, incomprehension, addiction, lack of respect and  human dignity. 

She said that Youth are the future, they are the leaders of tomorrow, and they are the parents and grandparents of generations to come. The tools and lessons learned we are giving them to make them stronger and know how to face whatever may come their way is important. 

Pascale believes that the antidote to misbehaviors is Love and Compassion. She is a proud mother of 2 wonderful children and is an advocate of Love for no reason. Her mantra is “where there is love there are miracles.

Pascale has devoted much of her time to various community service projects involving the education and support of children and adult around the world after work and during the week end. She strives to be able to give away more of what she has been so blessed to receive.

contact details

5 rue des Suisses 75014
Paris - France

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how can we help you?
  • We focus on parent and family programs for preventing youth mis behaviors
  • We invest in the next generation

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Pascale Tziporah Sossah