Unlocking Global youth’s potential with your contribution

Financial support is a critical component to Invest Wisely In Youth Capital Development and maintain the exceptional educational environment that young men and women experience in the world.

Bright Consulting Advocacy advocates for Non Profit Organizations willing to invest in Value based education in order to shape the future and add purpose to the life of our Next Generation.

NPO’s relies upon the generosity of  organizations, families, and friends to reach and solve global problems at a time when collective action is needed more than ever.

Donations to NPO’s made are utilized to support:

  • Scholarship to allow Excellence for every youth,
  • Finance the cost of programs translation,
  • Create job opportunity with an Educational training and certification program to become an SFK Facilitator and teach SFK’s programs to large groups of children in schools and communities while earning income.

Sponsor SFK to help us launch the program “Winning in the Game of life” in Africa by financing the cost of translation and implementation.

Your support has a strategic and lasting impact, and our youths are truly grateful.