The National Advisory Councils on Children of Benin (ANACEB) is an active network engaged in strengthening communities and promoting children’s development and prosperity through counseling and learning activities.  ANACEB is officially recognized and certified by the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) since 2018.

  • Teach and reinforce citizenship in children
  • Involve children in decision making
  • Promouvoir le leadership
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in children
  • Identify and implement policies and strategies that promote social and emotional development of children
  • Promote community advocacy by creating programs and services, and developing collaborations and partnership
  • Lead awareness campaigns
  • Use of Technology Enhanced Learning (E-learning)
  • Build our 2030 World Citizens
  • Dignity
  • Brotherhood
  • Justice
  • Work
  • Faith

“I am a child of peace, stretch out your hand and take mine …”

We work for social justice, fraternity among our peoples and a future with dignity for children.

We have recently enriched our initiation and training activities with the program « Winning in the game of life ». This program was developped by Spirituality for Children (SFK), a non-profit organiation based in the US and currently implemented in Africa by an independant consulting firm « Bright Consulting Advocacy ».   We work in partnership with Bright Consulting Advocacy to deliver this program to our children.

We truly believe that using new learning techniques will bring permanent changes in the growth and development of our youth, the leaders of tomorrow

Ulrich Dazogbo

Assistant Social

how can we help you?
  • We focus on parent and family programs for preventing youth mis behaviors
  • We invest in the next generation.

SFK uses a simple language that helps raise the child’s awareness and guide their social and emotional development; It brings answers to alarming statistics about the current state of our children

Dyana Kadio
Director, Institut Froebel