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The Froebel Institute of Abidjan, founded by Marguerite Kadio (née MESSOU), is a group of 4 private. The group hosts nearly 2000 students per year in preschool, elementary and high school.

  • Promote and value the education of its students through quality educational services in order to bring each student to the full realization of its potential.
  • Ensure diversity in learning without neglecting extracurricular activities that contribute to the personal development of the child.
  • Contribute to the development of the community in social, cultural and sports related activities.
  • The Froebel Institute is a place of learning that aims to offer its students and staff a rich, enjoyable, and successful environment for all.
  • Provide quality education by promoting individual skills, detecting and valuing the talents of each and helping them develop their potential to become responsible and successful citizens of tomorrow.

Ms Kadio, Manager of the Institut Froebel since 2014 has decided to adopt the extra-curricular programs promoted by Bright Consulting Advocacy. Why implementing these programs?

  • The program “Winning in the game of life” developed by SFK brings great benefits to our children and the adults around them;
  • The program uses simple language that helps raise the child’s awareness and guide their social and emotional development;
  • It helps develop the child in its entirety;
  • Increase one’s sense of responsibility;
  • Create a positive influence in your environment with rewarding messages;
  • Bring answers to alarming statistics about the current state of our children;
  • Improve the quality of life in general.

Our mantra is to train our “2030 Global citizens”

how can we help you?
  • We focus on parent and family programs for preventing youth mis behaviors
  • We invest in the next generation.

Sharing makes room in us to receive more! With the SFK course on sharing Maeva aka Fifa realized that although it may seem like we get less when we share, we actually get more

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